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Interview: Deviant Pleasures

Actualizado: 17 mar 2021

TF: Hello Deviant Pleasures ... where did you studied and who influenced you to explore musical processes? And what were your influences?

DP: Hey guys, it' so nice for us having this chat with you, thanks a lot! Well, Deviant Pleasures is mainly focused on the broad thematic areas of horror and porn probing their holiest and sacrilegious sides. So we could say our main influences are horror and porn. Let us assume that each of us has our own deviant pleasures in a dark place within our own selves... we just wanna bring them out of you through music.

TF: Which aspects of sound do you examine recently? Is for you important the impression that your music produces on the audience?

DP: One of the most important aspects of our label's sound spectrum is fluidity. It was one of the things we agreed on right away and focus on a lot. It is very important for us not to be stuck within a genre but rather to try to create a tale - in our case a horror tale most probably -. That's why we also chose the form of the Split EP. What we're looking for is irreverent music anyway, cinematographic stuff, music made by people with an important creative and communicative factor. And yes, distortion and rawness are definitely two elements we enjoy a lot.


TF: Deviant Pleasures , is now built on a strong catalogue with very intriguing releases. What was the initial project ? Can you tell us more about what to expect on the imprint ?

DP: The initial idea was literally what we managed to achieve after more than a year of work. We had a very well defined imagery in mind from the very beginning. We conceived Deviant Pleasures from day zero with the first releases in Split EP format with the possibility to buy the edition with the dedicated gadget, joined with radio shows (we have already done 2 on Mutant Radio and there will be 2 more, plus a very special one on Noods Radio). We are actually really happy to have been able to stay focused on the initial idea but developing it better and better by paying attention to every detail, taking more time but trying to do everything to the best of our ability to give a quality product to our community.

TF: What do you think is the role of new technology in composing music? Do you rely more on digital or analog sound?

DP: Nowadays taking about the distinction between analogical and digital is the not the point, in our opinion. We think that it's possible to do music with everything, in any way. The most important thing is always to find your own vision. No doubt, new technologies are always positive, but the real resource is not the technology itself, but its use. The artists should explore deeply and examine the concept of music, understanding and studying the software and the instruments they use


TF: Do you think that an excessive media exposure tends to cause harm to music? Is it more disposable than a few decades ago?

DP: It all depends on your drive and attitude. If you can put your ego aside in favour of music, you are doing it right also if you are under the spotlights.

TF: Recently, have you seen any movie or documentary, or heard an album that has influenced the way you make music? What other art forms or music inspire you as a person?

DP: To continue on the wave of the "double" - and so as the slip tape format - for the graphics for the radio shows, we chose to select every time two different frames for every show. They both are from the same film for each show, in that way they could tell a story more effectively. Plus, we don't like to be explicit, we like to be classy and subtle. It's up to you to see your kink in it, we just want to disturb you, you know. For our show dedicated to Latin America artists on Mutant Radio, we have selected two frames from the film "The Holy Mountain". One album that strongly influenced us to create Deviant Pleasures was actually a compilation, it was the superb OKVLT004 VA ㅡ

Tales from the Far East. By the way we all have very different backgrounds and tastes, but we simply have what we need in common.

TF: What are the future plans for Deviant Pleasures? With whom would you like to collaborate?

DP: We’re now contemporary working on DP002, 003 and 004. For the 004 we decided to change the format. It will be slightly different from the other and we're actually having some fun with the concept of this one. After that, we hope to release vinyl as soon as possible. Regarding collaborations, there're definitely a lot of sick talents and labels out there, the list would be long. Also here in Italy there are some really excellent talents and labels. We hope to continue the fellowship we started with UVB76(OKVLT), AIR LQD(Unknown Precept) and Brokntoys who have already contributed to the project ㅡ Eduardo has also released a track for a Brokntoys V/A. Cheers! X

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