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Years Of Denial, Filmmaker, Nghtly, and More Feature on 6-Track "Devotion To Pleasure" Compilation

The 6-track collection, titled "Devotion To Pleasure", arrives through Rubber Mind Recordings on December 02th. It compiles music from some of his hardcore proteges, including Years Of Denial, Tomohiko Sagae, Common Poetry, QUAL, Filmmaker and Nghtly.

"Devotion To Pleasure is an appeal ... evokes a lustful, fetishistic and ritualistic experience embodied in six tracks. Melancholic sequences, enveloping percussions accompanied by voices, violent eroticism and gloomy psychedelia that invite us to celebrate our deepest fantasies", explains the label.

This LP will be available digitally and as a vinyl 12''.

Listen exclusively to "Lover's Crime" by Years Of Denial.

Release date: December 02th, 2020.

Format: vinyl 12' + Digital.

Buy link, here.

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