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Whirlwind Trax readies its next compilation, featuring Anthro, Myler, Xiorro and more

Whirlwind Trax will release a new compilation in Dec 08th.

The Brooklyn label will follow up the first "3 Years of The Black Hole: Protectors of the Galaxy" from 2019. This time around they'll present their sonic perspective on techno and rave culture.

As an homage to one of the most beloved raves in New York, "4 Years of The Black Hole: Interdimensional Troopers" not only features heavyweights who played the event in the past, but also artists who have collaborated on the Whirlwind mix series and those who share a linked sonic vision.

Contributions come from Dj Skull, AIROD, Sept, Anthro, Mørbeck, DJ Suplex, Buzzi and many more.

Listen listen exclusively to "Reality Lays On The Jewel Of The Solar System" by Xiorro.

Release date: December 8th, 2020.

Format: Digital.

Buy link, here.

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