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Räar reveals new twelve-track EP, "Ceremony / Rituals / Sacrifices"

Actualizado: 7 dic 2020

Their biggest release to date is out December 11th on Vaerel Records.

The twelve-track "Ceremony / Rituals / Sacrifices" marks the Belgian DJ and producer's biggest release to date. It spans their musical influences like IDM and deep techno, as well as industrial sounds. He brings three friends along with him: an ambient collaboration with Trudge recorded in 2017 on the first part, newcomer Tauceti take charge the 2nd part with a sombre texture based track and finally Sonhan for the last part with a psychedelic and cinematic trip

The digital release is accompanied by a very limited edition of gold foiled tarot cards made by hand available on Vaerel Records bandcamp.

Listen exclusively, “Rituals II”.

Release date: December 11th, 2020. Format: Digital + Tarot cards.

Buy link, here.

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