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Podcast 278: Blime Dust

Blime Dust is a Paris-based drummer / electronic composer raised in Post-metal and cathartic art. Fascinated by space, science and technology generalist, he marvels at the sound that could be generated by machines and sees natural phenomena as a powerful medium of infinite richness for human artistic expression: music should be awe-inspiring and precise, loud and graceful.In that sense, mathematical principles, logic and methods are blended with a strong emotional sensitivity.

The way Blime Dust perceives music is also deeply influenced by production techniques and tools of sound design aspect from movie soundtracks. He likes the idea of progressive music which leaves room for storytelling and which makes him visualize these raw feelings.

Blime Dust, presents here an eclectic podcast melding techno, heavy bass and some garage sounds. It includes tracks that inspired him over the last months as well as some tracks of his closest friends.

Some ambient soundscapes are also slipped in these savage rhythms bringing to mind a sense of nostalgia of the night life we all have been deprived of.


01. Ivy Lab - Teacup 02. Maelstrom - The Line 03. Foreign Policy - Watching Existence 04. Molasar - Talisman 05. MIND | MATTER - Des Echos Dans La Nuit 06. Blac Kolor - New Leader (Restive Plaggona Remix) 07. Ivy Lab x Two Fingers - Orange 08. Two Fingers vs. Only Child Tyrant - Slip One 09. Amnesia Scanner - AS Too Wrong 11. Dronelock - Shreds 12. Monotrail - Live Jam #48 13. Lorn - THE MAP 14. Zamilska - Message 15. I Hate Models - It Will Last Forever 16. Restive Plaggona - Lulled Into Lethargy 17. Deft & Lewis James - Teleporter 18. Ora Iso - Dead Riot 19. Harsh Mentor + Templer - Valhalla Gate 20. Incendie - Primal Screams 21. Amon Tobin - One of the Thousand Ways I Use the Buchla MARF

22. Years Of Denial - Girl With Broken Head 23. Perc & Passarella Death Squad - Temperature's Rising 24. Ansome - Bad Blood (Perc Remix) 25. Sophia Loizou - Shadows of Futurity 26. Northern Structures - Untold Secrets 27. Davs - Aelv 28. Unknot - Lockt 29. Bask - I Must Fight 30. Violet Poison - You Ruined Her But Now I Ruin You 31. Prurient - Time's Arrow 32. Trifonic - Parks On Fire

Listen to 278th episode.

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