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Podcast 276: Philipp Drube

Philipp Drube is a Berlin based DJ and co-head of the label Space Trax. As an early rave enthusiast with a firm background in the scene, he pulls inspiration from dancefloor experiences to create his own vision of DJing. His meticulous and hand-tailored sets focus on Hard Dance music: different faces of Trance, fast paced Techno and Hardcore. A blend which earns him appearances at Berlin’s most established venues and events such as Griessmühle, Säule/Berghain, About Blank, Tresor or Mala Junta as well as international bookings at Endurance and Bunkerbauer in Copenhagen, Possessions Transgenik series in Paris, H0L0 in New York City, Fold in London, Transformator in Wrocław or X in Malmö.

Listen to 276th episodes.

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