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Podcast 271: Beau Wanzer

Chicago’s Beau Wanzer makes for a special case in today’s electronic music game. Molecular biologist by trade, the American producer tinkers with his analogue gear like a mad scientist; slicing, dicing, drilling down and through the super cial dermis of raw machinic spurts and variedly sourced samples to extract a sizzling juice of fractured synthlines, frantic scope distortions and off-kilter rhythms that goes unparalleled these days.

In recent years he has had collaborations and formed various projects, he is also known under the names: Mutant Beat Dance (with Traxx and Steve Summers), De-Bons-en-Pierre (with Maoupa Mazzocchetti), Civil Duty and Garum (with Shawn O Sullivan), Juzer, and Streetwalker (with Elon Katz)

His release history includes labels such as L.I.E.S., LA Club Resource, Jealous God, Ophism, Suction Records, BREW, Nation, Cititrax, Rush Hour, Dark Entries, Mannequin, The Trilogy Tapes, and his own 'Self-released "label.

"The mix is a hodgepodge of failed electronics, punk pricks, comical conundrums, and a love song," - explains Beau Wanzer.

Listen to 271th episode.

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