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Podcast 269: Hakai

The Forgotten is pleased to introduce Hakai in the 269th episode. It is a project conformed by Jagoda Nagel & Blush Response, focused on noise-techno and industrial rhythms with sci-fi nuances and it's inspired by their mutual love for Japanese culture and aesthetics.

They recently released a remix EP titled "Flesh Reconstruct" via Megastructure_.


Hakai - Anxiety [Christina Sealey Remix] - Megastructure_ Unhuman + Surit - Impact Bashing - Black Sun Records Ansome - Copper - Perc Trax Beau Wanzer - Non Human Headlock - Ophism Hakai - Ningen [Phase Fatale Remix] - Megastructure_ Konkurs - Hanoi Hannah - X-IMG/Megastructure_ Parallx - Tuathal - R-Label Group Trepaneringsritualen - Feral Me [Codex Empire Remix] - Aufnahme + Wiedergabe Inhalt Der Nacht - Das Feuer Des Lebens - Lebendig Templer - A True Terror Corporation (Feat. Incendie) [Esplendor Geometrico Remix] - Hands Productions Swarm Intelligence - Murmur - 47 Scalameriya - Vicious Remedy - Perc Trax New Frames - Morgengrau - R-Label Group Virgo - Helix - Parasite Label Goden - Black Magic [Axkan Remix] - Omen Recordings Perc - Fire in Negative - Perc Trax Hakai - Bury Me Alive [Blush Response Remix] - Megastructure_ Nordvargr - Among the Mountains and Rivers Flowing - 205 Recordings

If you want to support the artist, click here.

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