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Podcast 267: Ciarra Black

Ciarra Black is a U.S. producer and DJ based in Berlin. Born in New Jersey, her initial tastes were informed by the local music scene in neighboring Philadelphia, attending punk, noise and dance music events from a young age. It was there she formed the duo Appetite with Jane Chardiet (Ascetic House) and began DJing at local underground dance venues. She moved to New York in 2012 and began her monthly event series “No-Tech,” which later developed into a label showcasing underground techno and experimental electronic producers from New York and throughout the U.S. After moving to Berlin in 2018 she has focused on live and DJ sets at venues throughout Europe, began a collaborative duo with sound artist Zoe McPherson called Carbon 96, and released an EP in 2020 on her newly founded label Pendulum Recordings.

Listen to the 267th episode.


Hryggur - Power Cuts

P.A.L - Gelöbnis

Gramrcy- Squall

Corin- Dromos

Pod Blotz - Life Like An Electric Surge

Einox - Operating

Ryan James Ford - EQ 10MG Base (Original Mix)

Axine M - 𝑟𝐢𝞀𝞀Į3 sĶ3𝜔 (Isabella r3mix)

Sidewinder - Can You Float?

Nkisi - Sailor Song (Nkisi’s Siren Remix)

Cool Tiger - Hide & Seek (AQXDM Remix)

Chain Letter - Colony (Original Mix)

Function - An Optical Illusions of Consciousness

The Lone Flanger - Neutrino Detection Circuit

Gestaltwandler - Shattered Illusion

Ireen Amnes - Lost Transmission

Héléne Vogelsinger - Illumination

Alex Suárez - Three Shapes Dances

ANTS - Intro

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