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Podcast 266: Potochkine

Potochkine is an equivocal polymorphic being with two heads. One writes, sings and imagines incantations to the rhythm of the moon. The other dances and composes with an analog and modular arsenal; electronic and organic ecosystem in their studio in the middle of the forest.

With their new album "Sortilèges", released on March 21 2021, Potochkine reinvents EBM on the incandescent blackness of techno, synthpunk and cold wave ashes.

Listen to the 266th episode.


01. Intro

02. Le Bachique (Mila Dietrich remix)

03. Hosia

04. Exodos

05. Eros

06. Les Oiseaux

07. Préférer se taire

08. Tandis que les chiens gueulent

09. Sauvez moi du chaos

10. Nemesis

11. Possédée

12. Destruction

13. Le Désir de Mort

14. Les Chevaux

15. La Fête de Narcisse

16. Pogo

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