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Podcast 263: Sydney Valette

Parisian producer and live artist, Sydney Valette, deals in an ice-cold breed of electronics. Working across Synth Wave, EBM, Post-Punk and Rave, the French artist has built a loyal following within the global electronic DIY circuit. Releasing across a number of independent record labels, Valette has established a consistent release schedule of records aimed at moving bodies on the dance floor.

Listen to the 263th episode.


1- Иван Козловский - Ах ты, степь широкая 2- Pablo Bozzi - Brigade Canine 3- Ansome - Melting point 4- I Hate models - It will last for ever 5- Lux Acheron - Ambient 2 6- Meshes - Эйфория (Euphoria) 7- Mind Matter - Fêlure 8- Chris Shape - Fake Truths 9- Schwefelgelb - Der Wind Um Meine Waden 10- Andi - Retribution 11- Blime Dust & The Undertaker's Tapes - Come To Life 12- Aleister Blake - Cyber Fame, Real Pain 13- Paulie Jan - Une Autre Aurore

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