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Podcast 261: 747

Photo: Emily Nicole.

747 is a DJ and producer from Vancouver. Best known for his acidic contributions to Aquaregia, he continues to impress with each and every release. Like his hypnotic DJ sets, his tracks are constantly evolving with a mixture of lush pads, dreamy soundscapes, and the sonically pleasing sound of the 303. Inspired by the sounds of Berlin, Detroit, and the acid legends, his sound is high-fidelity yet old-school, uplifting yet melancholic, a journey with no destination.

His most notable release, the widely acclaimed Aurora Centralis EP, immediately brought 747 to the forefront of the acid techno scene, while the title track captivated floors around the world. He saw a quick rise the following year with his eight-track Paleo series on Aquaregia. The acidic collection was well received and built a loyal following for his particular brand of melancholic acid, leading him to bookings at some of the world’s most renowned clubs including Fabric and Rex. 2019 saw the release of his debut album, The Gate of Life, a 63 minutes journey through trance, techno and acid. After a one-year hiatus, 747’s latest offering comes from his While My 303 Gently Weeps EP on Aquaregia. The acidic four- tracker stands to be one of his most memorable releases as we look ahead to 2021.

TF: What was the turning point in your life, where you have decided to fully delve into electronic music?

747: I started producing music and DJing in highschool, and continued that throughout university as well. It started out as a hobby, and eventually as my music started to get better I decided to release my music on Emily's label Aquaregia. The turning point was probably after the fifth EP we put out, Ammonite. For the first time we were getting meaningful DJ support and plays and it was really motivating to continue releasing music. The next EP was Aurora Centralis, and of course that's when everything really started to take off.

TF: You live in Vancouver, Canada. How does this place influence you as an artist?

747: After living in Vancouver, Toronto, and Berlin what I've come to realize is that where I'm currently living doesn't really influence the type of music I'm making. I think growing up in Vancouver has given me unique experiences and encounters with music that would have been a lot different from someone growing up in Berlin for example. All those experiences have helped shape who I am as an artist, and I think that's what makes me so grateful to live here!

TF: Please tell us about your musical influences? Give us a chart, please

747: The title track off the EP was heavily inspired by classic rock guitar solos, and I wanted it to have a nostalgic feel to it. I found myself going through a lot of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and it inspired me to include a 303 solo in the middle of the track. I've also pulled sounds from 90s trance and modern day hypnotic techno. some of my favourite tracks at the moment:

Troma & PERS1 - Autumn Moon

Armec - Signal Sweeps

Nico - Anouk

Turandot, SC 91: "Nessun dorma" (Arr. by Fabrizio Rat)

Isao Tomita - Clair de Lune (Debussy)

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


TF: What new hardwares did you apply to make 'While My 303 Gently Weeps' EP?

747: My setup is fairly basic. In terms of hardware on this EP, I used a Minilogue, a Cyclone TT-303, and a JP-08.

TF: Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

747: For more melodic stuff I usually like to write a chord progression to start and I'll jam over it on a keyboard with the record button on. If I catch something that I like I may go back and rearrange and fine tune it and get the track started from there. I'm also a fan of keeping things simple and concise - I don't like to have too many layers and it makes mixing a lot easier as well!

TF: Can you tell us a few words about Aquaregia Records?

747: It's the only label I've ever released on, and Emily gives me a lot of creative freedom to do my thing there. I've evolved my sound a lot from the first release up to now, which wouldn't be possible without that freedom really. It's nice to know that I can take risks with my music and not fear rejection or have my vision altered too much.

TF: How do you see the future of the techno scene?

747: I think the first parties back after COVID will chaotic, but absolutely insane. We're all so deprived and it'll probably take a bit of getting used to - both the DJs and the dancers. The clubs will be way too crowded, the queues will be long, but everyone will be happy to be back. The big question is whether we'll continue where we left off with the hardstyle/trance/rave techno sound or if we'll switch courses. I have a feeling that style will still be pretty prevalent when clubs reopen because it'll match the energy of the moment, but it'll be interesting to see what comes next.


TF: Could you tell us a bit more about your future projects?

747: I have a handful of tracks lined up to be released, but haven't had a chance to schedule them in yet! Of course they're all acid tracks and a few of them I've included in this mix.

TF: How have you prepared the dj set that became your The Forgotten Podcast?

747: It's a diverse mix with a lot of genres mixed in there - starting pretty chilled out and ending with an amazing psytrance track from DJ Huntsman off an upcoming VA on Aquaregia. It's pretty reflective of how I DJ in clubs as well - I don't like to stick to a single vibe and I like to keep things fun and unpredictable. Of course there's a bunch of acid in there too!

TF: Thank you!



Dyspal - Tabloïd [Skryptom]

Toki Fuko - Convey sense of a being [Lowless]

Wice - Just Kiddin' [Steinlach]

Francois X - Intersection [Out of Place]

Alexskyspirit - Restricted [Planet Rhythm]

Biemsix - Odino [Enemy]

747 – Unreleased [Aquaregia] (forthcoming)

Ø [Phase], Phyxix, MATRiXXMAN - The Nest [Phyxix]

Emmanuel Top - Climax V 1.1 [Attack]

UVB - God Knows You're A Cunt [Monnom Black]

747 - Unreleased

Sonar Base - The Journey Home [Deeptrax]

DJ Huntsman - Planet Psygon [Aquaregia] (forthcoming)

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