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Podcast 257: Arrosa

Arrosa is a German born, Turkish DJ and producer.

She is the founder of London based record label Khoinix and she founded her own event series Necropolis Festival which happens at an old church from 1563 in London.

She likes to experiment with different genres and her sound is ranging from 90s old school techno tracks to acid, dark disco, EBM, industrial, and electro.

Her new track collaborated with Petra Flurr is coming soon on her label on the same compilation with Arnaud Rebotini, Codex Empire, Minimum Syndicat and Slave to Society.



1. August Skipper - The Skin Of Strangers (Notes From A Pandemic) [Instruments of Discipline]

2. Rhys Fulber, Blush Response - Dissipate [Sonic Groove]

3. Nathaniel - Near/Side

4. Black Dahlia - Dead Box [ 𝕀𝔻𝕃𝔼𝕊𝕋𝔸𝕋𝔼𝕊 ]

5. Giovanni D'Auria - 34nh [AE016]

6. Salem Unsigned - Post Mortem [RND. Records]

7. Rhys Fulber - Limited Vision [SGLP04]

8. IV Horsemen - Zhivago [II002VA]

9. Codex Empire - Teize [a+w XIII]

10. George Lanham - Fulbourn Haze [Minimum Syndicat 07]

11. Starving Insect - Hate and Exterminate [ZUUR017]

12. Randolph & Mortimer - Rational Control [Unreleased]

13. Cardopusher - Programmed To Consume [Mechatronica]

14. Gegen Mann – X Initiation [Oberwave Records]


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