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Podcast 254: Myn

His armament of playful antics and keen ear for cutting edge sounds is evident in his curation of his record label Public System Recordings as well as his irreverent and enthusiastic live performances. With the ability to blend the morose with the sublime, his depth of flavor invites ears both seasoned and fresh to heed this talent much beyond its years. The environment may shape your experience, but no matter the size, Myn fills spaces with energetic eclecticism. He translates his his unique style through the airwaves of his Rinse France residency, and has featured some of the greatest in the field on his show.

Myn has been able to traverse great musical territory without ever sinking into a definable genre or pattern. From electro, industrial, techno, minimal synth, experimental, electronic body music, cold wave, punk electronics, noise - trap metal & acid nuances all bow at the helm of his control.

Listen to 254th episode.

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