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Podcast 251: Esther Duijn

Having released on labels like Gegen Records, Coincidence Records & Exquisite Music for example, solo and together with Steady Douglas as Duijn & Douglas, Esther Duijn has shown her skill as producer and DJ, with over 40 (vinyl) releases under her belt worldwide.

This has not gone unnoticed by the scene, earning her a residencial DJ slot at the mighty Tresor & Gegen in Berlin and (regular) appearances at Pornceptual, De School, UNTER NYC, Freerotation Festival, Lantern Beijing, Panorama bar and Trouw etc. In 2017 she was asked by Resident Advisor to do a tour in Australia together with Skatebård.

Esther is running an all vinyl label, stream & events called Another Earth. The stream is hosted on Red Light Radio Amsterdam & HÖR Berlin.

Listen to the 251th episode.

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