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Podcast 249: Unhuman

Unhuman is the Berlin-based electronic and experimental project of Manos Simotas.

Started in 2012 in Athens with his first release"Emperor Black"on tape, Unhuman evolved through different genres ultimately finding his own unique voice in experimental and dark electronics. Keeping his root in post-punk, Unhuman released on labels such as Instruments Of Discipline, Veleno Viola, BITE, Amok Tapes and Strange Therapy.

A regular mainstay of major clubs in Berlin, Unhuman has performed all around Europe, Asia and South America and holds the artist in residency at Constant Value in Seoul, South Korea.

Unhuman is also the founder of Liber Null Berlin, which has played a critical role of unifying the freedom of arts in a conceptual event in the scene and also operates as a record label. Expanding beyond Berlin, Liber Null held events with performance arts and music all around the world including Athens, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and beyond.

Listen to episode 249.

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