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Interview: NX1 [Nexe Records]

NX1 is the duo consisting of Surit and Samot, artists both based out of Barcelona. Formed at the end of 2011 together with his Nexe Records label, they have devoted themselves to a trademark sonic imprint that moves between heavy memories of classic techno to more mental and psychedelic spaces in contemporary sound design. The project contain futuristic aspects propelling themselves forward, while also taking into consideration and expressing modern challenges.

Today they are stablished artists with great contributions on platforms like Mord, Modularz, Semantica, BITE and more.

TF: What motivated you to create NX1?

Surit: We have always been closely related to electronic music. Before we released the first album, we had been experimenting and creating music for ourselves for a few years. After a while, we began to have several things that we wanted to try to publish, but without experience or direct connections with stamps we decided to try to create one to be able to get it through. And from there, until today.

TF: NX1 are very active in recent months, I also perceive that their alias as soloists (Surit / Samot) are going up, how do they not run out of ideas and allocate time to each project?

Samot: Yes, we spend many hours in the study, it is something we usually do since the beginning and this last year has been very productive. After all these years there are always many ideas and we can apply them with solo projects, although the dynamics have been a bit the same as always.

Surit: We have a very positive work dynamic in the study, from several years ago it could be said that it is part of our almost daily routine and in the end, we have managed to generate a lot of material, either together or separately.


TF: Speaking of their projects separately, I would like you to describe what creative-sound differences exist between NX1 and its aliases? Where they are going?

Samot: The idea is to create a new project where I can apply the idea of oneself, I like the idea of lower bpm’s, serious sounds, broken rhythms, something more melodic. I also have an experimental and ambient music project where I get many ideas and I would like to publish this year.

Surit: In my case in particular, a few things have already come out that could hardly have fit into an NX1 record, but of course after these years working with an idea and for a specific project there are several similarities in terms of proposal and sound. Precisely, solo projects arise from the need to evolve with other perspectives to the common project, and surely the differences can be accentuated more over time. Still, in essence I don't think we'll ever get too far away.

TF: Have you recently seen any movie or documentary, or have you heard an album that has influenced your way of making music? What other art forms inspire you as a person?

Samot: To say something I have been watching some documentary series like 'Hiphop evolution' or 'straight outta Compton' where you can see a lot of rivalry and passion at the same time, something historical that sowed a seed where many future hiphop artists could be inspired and created A good scene. That is motivating. However, a simple good photograph is something that can also inspire me.

Surit: Apart from music, I have been working in a contemporary art institution for many years, which allows me to be in constant contact with other artists and works of any discipline. No doubt that has brought me a lot in ideas and ways of doing, it has been and is a continuous flow for me.

TF: Will we have a NX1 full album this year? What can you tell us about the mix they did for us?

Surit: I don't know if this year, but we have been doing it for a while now. Next year will be ten years since we released our first album, and it would be nice to match it.

Samot: Regarding the mix, we propose it as a performance in a club, it contains a lot of new material and some things yet to come out. We hope you enjoy it!

TF: Thank you!

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