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Podacast 277th: Notausgang

Notausgang is raised by punks, nourished by old heavy rock and cult B movies, the Paris-based artist creates noisy and gritty tracks with his old and new electronics weapons for your pleasure. With EPs released on X-IMG, Tripalium Corp, Detriti Records, Parfé Records, etc. Laying all over Europe before the crisis... and all over his home studio after.


Takayuki Miyauchi - 仮面ライダーBLACK RX (Edit)

Chris Shape - Holy Ron (OTHR Remix) [Area Z]

Alpha Sect - Fear State [Mosaïque Records]

Cardopusher - Escape from Reality [Eskimo Recordings]

Termination_800 - Section [Unreleased]

E.L.I. - Rhythm 120 [Tripalium Corp]

Body Beat Ritual - Teethgrinder [Pleasure Corp]

Yurij - Columbia [agia Varvara Originals]

Unhealed - Self-Pressure [Buraco]

David Carretta & Kendal - No Future [Ritmo Fatale]

Acid Vatican - Glass Eater [Aufnahme+Wiedergabe]

Black Dahlia - Killing For Company [Body Musick]

Black Asteroid - Dust (Liebknecht Remix) [Aufnahme+Wiedergabe]

Terence Fixmer - Turning Into Dust [Soil]

Evil Dust - Pebbledash [Still Distant Records]

Morken - Effective Technics [Ferma]

IV Horsemen - Healing Night [Khoinix]

ZAAX - Metal Zone Solid [Body Musick]

Chinaski & Curses - Forever (Chinaski Für Immer Mix) [Dischi Autunno]

Alden Tyrell - Rendez-Vous At Rimini (TER_NATION Edit) [Unreleased]

Unknown - Knowledge (Sarin Remix) [X-IMG]

Fractions - Neuromediator [Fleisch]

Black Pyramid - Manipulation [OSM Tapes]

Vicious Pink - Fetish (Extended mix) [Capitol Records]

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