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Menwood to release EP on _burst, ft. Marcel Fengler and Answer Code Request

Menwood will release an EP called "Vengeance".

The four-track release will be available on digital from December 07th with vinyls to follow on December 15th. It's Mendwood's third release on _burst Records and follows his "Engines" EP, which came out earlier this year. The EP is made up of two original tracks and includes a remix for each by Berghain residents Marcel Fengler and Answer Code Request.

"While the machines roam the land, mankind is no longer the dominant species.

Natural disasters and the desire for revenge of some have changed the world. This is

the time when history is being rewritten. Together with Marcel Fengler and Answer

Code Request, Menwood starts the journey into a future that may be long gone.

This is Vengeance“ & Lidenbrock" - _burst.

Listen exclusively, "Lidenbrock (Answer Code Request Remix)".

Release date: December 07th, 2020 | Vinyl: December 15th, 2020

Format: Vinyl 12'' + Digital.

Buy link, here.

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