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Le Fantom Onde readies his new haunting EP ‘Death Of The Saboolane’ on LFOnde Recs

Mexican electronic artist and composer Le Fantom Onde will release his new EP.

Producing their music with a range of vintage analog machines and semi-modular synthesizers such as Subharmonicon, DFAM and Moog On, with five-track 'Death Of The Saboolane' explores classic science fiction and honoring those who got ahead of us, bringing together textures and melodies spanning electronic genres, and transcending light notes and dark chords.

In a press release, said "The journey began at the Tomb of Orocatta nearby the dune of Sagliar where the remains of and old civilization revealed a well kept secret, there's a chance, an old codex had one clue, look for the Saboolane's Claw, this will be the key for the Kingdom of the dead"

It’s a blissful, emotionally resonant album, with syrupy melodic passages and fizzy ambient beds ensuring the rapid and complex percussive foundations never lose the run of themselves.

This EP is out on December 10th on digital formats via LFOnde Recs.

Listen exclusively, “Saboolane’s Claw"

Release date: December 10th, 2020.

Format: Digital.

Buy link here.

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