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Interview: Tora Vinter

Actualizado: 3 nov 2020

TF: What speech is behind the name? How did you get involved with music?

TV: Tora Vinter is an alias, and Tora was the name of my grandmother. Vinter is my favorite time of the year. I grew up in the north of Sweden.

Big mountains and lot’s of snow. Music is what I eat and breathe. I started doing my own radio shows when I was 6. Recording on a cassette player. Danced at Bain Douche in Paris when I was sixteen and lived there. I was the music selector at all my friends parties. Letting no one else near the stereo. Later started recording my own music. And when I discovered that I was home.

TF: When you look back to your career with all its highs and lows, can you imagine having done things differently? Is it more fate or choice?

TV: I wish I had discovered the possibility of producing my own music earlier in life. But I was busy doing other things, traveling the world, skiing and surfing and studying at the university. I was also commissioned to compose music for one of the national theaters this year. And that was so much fun. Working in a creative team. When I make techno the world where it will be played is rather set. It was beautiful to make sad, angry and spooky music. Love songs and songs for a broken heart. Examining the whole spectrum of emotions. I want to do more of that. And when it comes to fate or choice? I think both. I like to call it luck but it’s really taking a leap of faith and see where it gets you.

TF: What is the best gig or party you’ve ever attended as part of an audience? What made it so special?

TV: Kraftwerk 2004 at Advokatbyrå festival. I thought it was that I was in love at the time. But then I read reviews and talked to others that saw that that concert and they all spoke about the magic and the special atmosphere.

TF: What was your mindset when working on the 'Devour' track?

TV: I had the male voice and I had the baseline and that got me thinking about a chant or rather building up a spell. A conjure. For me witch craft is about channeling the power that is already inside and around us. Music in all it’s different forms is a way to tap into that power. For this track I wished for the dance floor to connect with a more ancient idea where light and dark, good and evil is not two opposite states competing but rather ever present in everything.

TF: Usually you play DJ sets in your presentations, do you plan to develop a live act?

TV: Maybe. I am going there more and more in my thoughts. When I have my vocalist Veraluz with me it’s easy. Because she’s an act in herself. When it’s just me the challenge is to make it interesting and connect with the audience. Controlling all the different synths and software just takes all my focus and I forget it’s even an audience there. But I will think of something.


TF: How do you perceive the techno scene today? What are its strengths and weaknesses for you?

TV: Techno in Gothenburg and Sweden in general is mostly played in underground parties in warehouses, remote tunnels or out in the open. These are all challenging spaces when it comes to recreating a good sound. So what I wish for more is sound that works with the venue, the space. That would add to the scene I think. A lot of techno producers put in all their skills and long hours in producing dynamic, multi faceted, well balanced tracks. I would just love for the dance floor to experience that more. With that said I truly appreciate all the effort that is put into arranging these parties where the local talent meets the dancers.

I see a lot of love and support and i've been meeting many amazing friends and talented people that inspire me to keep working. To me that is very important. As for weaknesses I would say are the people that lose ground and are in this for the wrong reasons, those that end up abusing their position. Fortunately is not the majority though.

TF: Any movie, documentary, album (not electronic music) that you would like to share with our readers?

TV: Oh my! It’s so hard to pick one. But in the spirit of the witch and her connection to the nature I recommend everyone to watch more documentaries about nature and animals. For me, my favorite is to watch nature programs about the great big cats in the world.

Since a few years i've been reading only and watching shows on spirituality and quantum physics. To me is very interesting and I can only recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza's show Rewired if you're into that!

TF: To say goodbye, what can you tell us about the premiere track you publish with us? Any experience during the creative process?

TV: Devour is part of the VA EP Coven. A collective take on modern witchcraft. Dorisburg, Dj Lily and Tam Nisam are the producers behind the three other tracks. I think it’s a good idea to bring out the burka in you and practice a bit of magic. Devour the whole EP in one big bite!

This track has the same name of the EP "Preech" which is actually the nickname of the love of my life a.k.a. my cat that lives in Mexico with my parents. I was with him when I started working on it and he was giving me hope which turned out to be the whole idea of the EP.

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