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Interview: Öspiel

Victor Joohoon Ha, known as Öspiel is a French sound artist and composer of South Korean origin. He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

His works take forms such as sound piece, soundtrack for multimedia project and concert. Through sound from audio synthesis, field recording and sound design, he explores different sonic properties in his compositions such as materiality, dynamic, movement and metaphor. His style is an oscillation between industrial techno and electroacoustic music that results in raw, powerful and poetic pieces.

TF: Öspiel, how did you come up with this name?

ÖP: It comes from "hörspiel", a german word literally meaning "listening game". It designates a type of radio sound art that plays freely with sounds such as voice, field recording, etc. I found it very sexy and came up with a name close to it when I was younger.

TF: What is your artistic destination? Is there a particular goal you strive for?

ÖP: With Öspiel, which is my techno project, my goal is to make people dance. My music is still quite conventional but I would like to make it evolve to something more interesting than just danceable music, by integrating new aesthetics and unheard sounds.

TF: Do you have any rituals when producing music, something that helps you get the creativity flowing?

ÖP: If I have time, I'm a very slow music producer, I prefer to take record some new sounds, do sound design, create tools and effects, learn new knowledge. It often goes experimental and this is what gives me ideas and materials to compose a track when I have to. On the contrary, I'm very efficient during the rush before a deadline.


TF: How is your live set up going to be? Any particular equipment? What’s your favourite track to play live and why?

ÖP: Laptop will always be present because I like the possibilities that digital technology brings us. At the moment I just want my live set-up to be as simple as possible, I'm more into studio equipment. I don't have a specific track that I enjoy playing live. My favourite moments are when I blend elements from different tracks.

TF: Can you describe from beginning to end how your "Only You And I Will Remain" EP– is made? How was the collaboration with Simina Oprescu?

ÖP: One grey day, my mood composed a piece of music, it had to be violent. This is how Only You and I Will Remain was born. And then, because my mood was actually sad, I missed my friend Simina a lot so I used some recordings of her voice. This is how (feat. Simina Oprescu) was born.

For the rest, I was very inspired by my stay in Tokyo. It was a very intense period during which I produced a lot. "

The Second Before" is made from the memory of an old school techno track I listened to in a club. "In The Name of The Night" and "Under Your Threat" are made from the same tools and process I used to make some parts of my live set at Mutek. Then, the guys from Demian Records gave me good feedback to get that final result.


TF: How did you start your relationship with Demian Records? What inspired you to release an LP with the platform.

ÖP: They contacted me saying they were interested in an EP. I liked their music, they looked badass so I said yes. And having a saw-shaped vinyl with my name on it is priceless, isn't it?

TF: Can you tell us more about your next release? Do you have in mind other projects ?


ÖP: I did a remix for a musician from Istanbul and I have a track released soon on a VA. I'm currently working on my next EP commissioned by a label I like very much, I intend to work on it for the whole of next month.

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