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Interview: Marooned [Borders Of Known]

TF: What does music mean to you, both as an artist and as a listener?

MO: Music is a state of mind and body in which I find my purest self. listening is like a cleansing ritual, making it is a way of creating specific medicine just for me.

TF: How did you become an artist, what gave you the feeling that you not only had to listen but also had to express yourself through music?

MO: It was natural urge to play the music I liked. I started with playing guitar and never thought of the reasons to start, it was natural at that point.

Making something original, fully mine, came with understanding what is my happiness in a philosophical way.

At some point off my life I came to a dead end, completely consumed by existential dread. In there I realized one of my happiness’s, that music was the thing I never get bored with, it never felt unwanted to me. So I started making it, but I never thought of releasing it. I never thought of it as an extension of me, as an expression of my self and my feelings. I always wanted it to be something separate, not attached to me. creating something beyond me. Yes, I still realized its everything I am, but it is everything I’m not as well.

TF: What do you think are the directions of your musical style, how would you characterize it?

MO: Mainly I'm focused on beat driven compositions. I really like it to feel like a ritual, to put you in a mindset, to be experienced as a separate thing, whatever you like it to be. Simply I would describe it something between cinematic and ritual, something calling and inviting.

TF: What is the state of mind you have in creating music? What role does your environment play in generating this mood?

MO: Most of the time I do music when I want to do it. I don’t rush it, I don’t push it and I really feel inspired. I simply do it because it makes me feel better, happier, lighter. It has no other reason.

The surroundings are not important. I feel great in my studio. Whenever I push the play button I’m in it. I am the creator of surroundings. Sometimes it great, sometimes not. But I do some other creative works, so I don’t have to make music whenever I feel like creating something.

TF: Can you tell us a few about `Borders Of Known` Records?

MO: I can't clearly remember how I came across BOK. But I remember it was a love from a first sight. From the beginning it became one of my favorite labels. The style, the quality and the fact that it was Georgian, made me want to be a part of it. As an artist I felt drawn to it, as a Georgian more so. The electronic music scene in Georgia in general, in my opinion, is monotonous. And Borders of Known for me is like a breath of fresh air, something exiting, new and inspiring for the scene, at the same time its more specific, more underground, more artistic then the rest of it. I full heartedly believe in its ways and happy to be a part of its exiting future.

TF: How do you see your musical style? In what directions do you think it will unfold and why?

MO: For some time I really wanted to make an album, very different from what I was mainly creating. I wanted to feel free from template like track structure. The idea was to create tracks with double mining, double sides, conflicting and differentiating with each other. But still being under the influence of one sole true. I feel like I managed it. And I think that’s a good explanation of my stile as well. It’s like bridge between two sides, connecting heart pounding beats with dark atmospheric soundscapes.

TF: Do you have any plans for your musical future?

MO: Just making more good music. I don't have a clear vision, but I always experimenting with ideas and styles. I really want to play live acts. that’s what is coming next. In the farther future I want to work on movie music. Maybe video game music as well. Anything that has moving pictures.

Listen exclusively "Duality".

Buy link, click here.

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