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Interview: Makaton [Rodz-Konez]

Steve Bailey aka Makaton has been releasing influential, experimental and cutting-edge techno music since 1998 with all but a few of his releases coming through his own Rodz-Konez operation, a label that’s released music by Regis, Inigo Kennedy, The 65D Mavericks, etc. Makaton also releases music on James Ruskin’s Blueprint, as well as Token and RSB.

Underground and uncompromising to the core, Makaton’s music is consistently supported and charted by Surgeon, Dave Clarke and James Ruskin, among other techno luminaries.

Makaton’s exhilarating liveset has seen him bolster the techno scene across the UK, Europe and in the US.

TF: Tell us something about you. What’s your background? Where did you studied and who influenced you to explore musical processes?

MK: I have always been interested in sound. I started by doing mixing on cassette tapes to emulate what I heard hip hop djs doing with vinyl. I started buying music at young age mainly hip hop, electro. When I could afford it I bought a sampler, AKAI s900 and some other equipment.

TF: What are some artists, whose work really excites you?

MK: Chris Goudreau, Boris, Suicide, Frank Tovey, Glenn Branca, Coil, Black Sabbath, Faust, Lee Perry.

TF: How is your live set up going to be? Any particular equipment? Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

MK: At the moment my live set I use a small modular case with microphones, two Octatracks for live sampling and sequencing, mixing and effects. Studio workflows change all the time, I like to challenge myself so I experiment with different approaches and equipment.

TF: Can you tell us more about 'All Kneel' in Blueprint, and the upcoming 'Nothing' EP in Rodz-Konez? What does it bring to your work? What are the perspectives you want to explore through this?

MK: 'All Kneel' is the third record I have done for Blueprint, it gives me a platform to push an experimental sound that is not as dark / industrial that I release on Rodz-Konez. Nothing ep is typical of the Rodz-Konez sound, upfront and loud.

TF: Recently, have you seen any movie or documentary, or heard an album that has influenced the way you make music? What other art forms or music inspire you as a person?

MK: I recently rewatched Gerhard Richter 'Painting' who is my favourite visual artist. I have just read 'Girl in a Band' by Kim Gordon and am now reading Lawrence Krauss 'The Greatest Story Ever To Be Told' all this inspires me in certain ways.

TF: What ideas or plans do you have for your
 future work?

MK: More music on Blueprint, Token, Rodz-Konez, Voitax etc, some new projects with friends (other well known producers) lots more music coming.

TF: Any last words from Makaton to our readers?

MK: Thanks for the support.

Listen to "Carnivores" in exclusive premiere. Enjoy it! ...

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