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Interview: Lokier [Light Strike]

Lokier, as a DJ & producer is cutting a stream into the estuaries of industrial, EBM and electro affixed with minimal wave, Italo disco and its denounced varieties.

She is one of the resident of Revier Südost, the new home for Griessmeuhle. During the start of the pandemic, the Berlin-based artist has released countless releases on labels like VEYL, Mechatronica and remixes for Inhalt, Arnaud Rebotini and Drvg Cvltvre. To top all that, she just announced her very own label Light Strike, with the first release out on October 9th.

TF: What speech is behind the name? How did you get involved with music?

LK: Lokier is my last name! I'm really not good with choosing names so I just thought to use my own, plus there aren't many people named Lokier and I thought would be original. I was already working with bands when I was a teenager and then I met some friends that were producers and I asked them to show me how to use the software. After that I just kept practicing and watching tutorials online.

TF: When you look back to your career with all its highs and lows, can you imagine having done things differently? Is it more fate or choice?

LK: It was more fate I think. I mean, I was obviously passionate about it but things started to work out and it felt easier for me to keep doing this that anything else. It made sense for me to quit my other projects and jobs.

TF: Could you sum up a bit what led you to create Light Strike? What was the main idea behind the label?

LK: I wanted to create a platform where I can fully express myself. I realized whenever i'm working for other people or labels I adjust my sound to it and I wanted this time to create something for myself only. I felt that if I work for myself I would find the real me if that makes sense.


TF: What was your mindset when working on the ‘Preech’ EP?

LK: I was having a lot of ups and downs and with this EP I wanted to express more positive vibes or some hope that things can get better. The 3 tracks express my mental state like low, hopeful and energetic.

TF: Usually you play DJ sets in your presentations, do you plan to develop a live act?

LK: I would love to at some point. I don't have plans at the moment but it's something that I definitely consider doing sometime in the future.

TF: How do you perceive the techno scene today? What are its strengths and weaknesses for you?

LK: I see a lot of love and support and i've been meeting many amazing friends and talented people that inspire me to keep working. To me that is very important. As for weaknesses I would say are the people that lose ground and are in this for the wrong reasons, those that end up abusing their position. Fortunately is not the majority though.


TF: Any movie, documentary, album (not electronic music) that you would like to share with our readers?

LK: Since a few years i've been reading only and watching shows on spirituality and quantum physics. To me is very interesting and I can only recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza's show Rewired if you're into that!

TF: Can you tell us about the premiere track you publish with us? Any experience during the creative process?

LK: This track has the same name of the EP "Preech" which is actually the nickname of the love of my life a.k.a. my cat that lives in Mexico with my parents. I was with him when I started working on it and he was giving me hope which turned out to be the whole idea of the EP.

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