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Interview: Jon Hester [Rekids]

Jon Hester got his start in the midwest US, living in Chicago, Minneapolis, and connecting with Detroit. Music production and a move to Berlin followed, but dancing and mixing are still the inspirations that drive him to create.

Last year he had a performance in Mexico City, captivating us with his excellent technique executed at the time of his DJ set. It's been a while since that time, but he has been very active performing in many parts of Europe and South America, recently debuting on the established Rekids SPX label, founded by Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave)

TF: What is your purpose? what perspectives do you want to explore?

JH: My purpose is to make people get off their phones and dance.

TF: Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

JH: Yes - the most important part of the process is having the initial idea.

TF: Which musicians or artists have been an inspiration for you?

JH: Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Derrick May, Jeff Mills

TF:Can you tell us more about your ‘Galvanized’ EP in Rekids?

JH: Matt Edwards (Radio Slave) produces tracks with sustained grooves that rock dancefloors — I have played his music for years. One of the great things about living in Berlin is the community of techno artists, so in my time here Matt and I have gotten to know each other, and I sent him tracks that I thought could work for Rekids. He began playing the tracks during his sets. Coincidentally he was about to start Rekids Special Projects, a series of techno-focused vinyl only releases. I am happy to be a part of the project.

TF: You have been extensively touring with intense DJ sets, do you plan to develop a live set?

JH: I really enjoy DJing — I want to push the boundaries of what I can do during a DJ set.

TF: By the way, you were in Mexico City last year, how was your experience? What’s do you think of the techno scene in America?

JH: I loved Mexico City, the energy of the city and people were amazing. Berlin is not the only place in the world where people make techno, and I’m excited about Mexico as a place where techno is becoming more visible. The US has a vibrant underground techno scene that I don’t think will ever be accepted by the general population.

TF: How have you prepared the dj set that became your The Forgotten Podcast?

JH: I played at a festival over the weekend, and wanted to record a special mix that captured that vibe.

TF: Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects?

JH: I have an EP coming out this September on the LET label from Amsterdam, more music coming out on Dystopian, and some more news soon… stay tuned.

You can listen our new podcast episode. Enjoy it...

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