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Interview: Flaminia [Metempsychosis Records]

Originally from Rome, London-based artist Flaminia has built a style characterised by melancholic melodies and broken beats, drawing out a sound that's heavily inspired by her love for techno and experimental electronic.

In 2017, Flaminia launched Metempsychosis Records with End Train creating a platform to support emerging artists as well as pushing her own productions. In the year of launch, the label did its first showcase in Tresor Berlin, as part of the New Faces party.

TF: Tell us something about you. What’s your background? Where did you studied and who influenced you to explore musical processes?

FL: I have been into electronic music since I have memory, it all started from listening to my family’s old records and eventually progressed into exploring the Music scene in Rome, where I am from. Most of my big life choices have been influenced by my passion for music. Like moving to London a few years ago to study Electronic Music Production. This is was pretty much the start of my Music education, besides some bits in school years. Most of it besides that is self-taught and built on lots of knowledge exchange with friends in this industry and even more daily practice.

TF: Which aspects of sound do you examine recently? Is for you important the impression that your music produces on the audience?

FL: On the production front, my music research in focusing a lot on creating unique sounds from analogue machines, getting geeky into the modular space.

On the performance side after having focused for the past few years in performing live, I am exploring playing hybrid sets. So mixing other artist’s music with my own samples and voice. Which is quite fun!

I always try to get feedback from the audience while playing. I try to reach that ideal space between adapting my own vibes to the energy of the party while leading a journey that the listeners can follow. When these aspects are aligned usually the magic happens.

I believe that being open to feedback both positive and negative is the key to self-improvement and growth, but it’s equally important to always consider what feels real for yourself.

TF: Could you sum up a bit what led you to create Metempsychosis Records? What was the main idea behind the label?

FL: End Train and I started Metempsychosis as we wanted to build a channel to give ourselves and producers we admire and respect artistically the opportunity to release music.

It then naturally grew beyond being only a record label and now we think about it as a hub for creative people, a platform to push music and art we love and organise experiences to gather a creative community together. This gives us the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of music and art related projects, organising events and showcases which is very exciting.

TF: How was the selection process for "THEOTHERSIDE 01"? How do you feel collaborating creatively with the remixers.

FL: I have always admired both Sam and Mario artistically so the selection process came quite easily. I used to love and play Kwartz’s tracks “Form and Void” years back when I started DJing around. It was dope. When we met during the gig organised by Oecus at ://about blank in Berlin, where we were both playing, I had a great vibe from him so decided to ask for a remix. Similarly, I met Sam in London during the gig at Corsica Studios organised by On The 5th Day where we were showcasing some of the Metempsychosis’ artists. I think he's a very talented producer and some of the conversations I had with him have deeply inspired the concept of this EP about lucid dreams. I feel really grateful for this collaboration and I am very satisfied with the way both of them re-interpreted my sound and feel.

TF: What are the forthcoming projects for Metempsychosis Records?

FL: We’ve got quite a lot planned at the moment, I can’t spoil too much yet but the next vinyl release is from End Train with two very special remixes.

We are also working on a new VA part of our new digital series THEOTHERSIDE, which will bring together some of my favourite producers, so I am really excited about it!

At the moment I am very much enjoying producing with friends, so an EP and a collaboration with End Train and Tapefeed is also on the bill.

TF: How do you perceive the techno scene today? What are its strengths and weaknesses for you?

FL: I think the strength of the Techno scene has always been to celebrate diversity and bring together people from different backgrounds, cultures, social status and create a safe space for each of us to freely express who we are. And especially in London, this is something very special. We have a very strong and supportive community here. On the other side, I think the scene here is still struggling to deal with venue licences and running cost, which often makes it hard to organise new events and bring some fresh and innovative sounds in the city.

TF: Any movie, documentary, album (not electronic music) that you would like to share with our readers?

FL: I am honestly not too much into movies or TV. I very rarely watch anything as I prefer to read, go to gigs, participate in sound healing sessions or do yoga if I have any spare time. Picking an album also very hard! I listen to anything from classical music to grime.

TF: Any exciting news in a near future? (album, tour etc.)

FL: I’ve got a few releases coming out in the next few months which I am pretty excited about! First one is in a couple of weeks as part of End Train’s EP on Code is Law “Body Business”. I am then joining the first release on the new VSK’s label “VSK series”, participating in a VA with VSK himself, Ansome, Kwartz and Michal Jablonski.

I am also now working on a new music project with my friend Benas who is a very talented singer. It is something completely different from the techno I have released so far, we have just finished the first album and is something very special. It is the result of a very important year of my life in terms of personal growth which I think brought out a much more mature sound and a slight change in direction. We are organising a little tour for that, and it looks like it won’t be in Europe. Looking forward to sharing more soon!

And Finally, with Tapefeed, Burden and End Train we started a new project that aims to help artists and labels transmit their message through music to their audience. We will announce to the public in September but I can say already that we are working with both established artists, new producers and underground labels and things are getting very exciting.

TF: Some words about your mix for The Forgotten Series?

FL: I have very much enjoyed recording this podcast, especially because I really like this channel and have been following it for ages. This result is a mix of the techno I love and play at the moment and some of my new unreleased material.

I always try to create a story and a journey with music. In this case, starting from more dark and experimental stuff to then increase the energy, developing into a more dance floor mood and then bring it back to those original feelings. I tried to keep it quite interesting, trippy but powerful. As you can hear, I love tracks that have broken beats and interesting drum patterns as well as out of the ordinary drops.

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