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Interview: D. Carbone [Repitch]

Davide Carbone, music producer/DJ and label manager, born and raised in the Vesuvian area, he is now based in Berlin.

Always passionate by the musical industry, he starts to develop several aliases and collaborations, working abreast with a musical collective, developing a strong circle of labels.

Hello Davide ... where did you studied and who influenced you to explore musical processes?

Hi Edgar ... I have studied music in a big village called Pomigliano D’Arco in Naples suburbs where I learned to use Cubase and then I moved to Ableton by myself, then I studied Psychology in Urbino, Then I moved in Berlin. I take a lot of inspiration from old guard which they built some sort of sub-genres or delivered its own vision of Techno, of course, people like Patrick Stevens (Hypnoskull) or CJ Bolland are the main sources of inspiration (also if today they become good friends with whom I work together).

I could mention many artists from which I took little things that shaped my style. In the end, it is not just a person which influenced me, but more the understanding of why some artists made some choices and I try to take the best out of it.

You live in Berlin. How does this place influence you as an artist?

Well after 10 years lived in Berlin, now I'm jumping between Berlin and Italy where I started a Weed farm with my girlfriend last year. Berlin has influenced me a lot and helped me a lot in growing, but with time Berlin changed a lot and has lost it's most beautiful aspects.

Nowadays Berlin is the main capital city in Europe where all the people aim to go, It's a trendy city, but this killed the artistic way of living in the city.

When I moved there it wasn't so crowded and everything was cheap and the artistic life takes a lot of advantages out of it as you get less pressure to survive in society while enjoying the benefits of a big city. Nowadays become always more difficult to find an house especially for artists which they don't have a standard and safe job.

Anyway, what I loved of Berlin is the communication and interrelation you can have with other artists and promoters and clubbers, It helps a lot, you can exchange your vision with someone else and learn from others experiences.

I grew up in a small village in the suburb on Naples and when I started the only man I could exchange my vision was Ascion, then there was no one else into the genre and no one else could understand the way I want my life to be, and there electronic producer and Dj is still not a job.

Which aspects of sound do you examine recently? Is for you important the impression that your music produces on the audience?

I'm examining always different aspects of sound and which impact they will have on the audience. Listening back to my career you can hear it has been constant sound research until I found my style, but still continue to research every day.

Also if I do mainly 4/4 beats I try always to bring new elements in my sound. I like a lot Rave Culture and trying to catch all historical aspects of it in any of its form (Techno, Acid, Industrial, Hardcore, Trance to name a few). I study those aspects and which impact they had on culture and in which cultural moment they developed, and I try to apply these to the Modern Era for the nowadays culture.

People are always changing, the world is always changing, from nation to nation is changing and in the base of these aspects, people need a different kind of music. Techno and all its sub genres are more related to a revolutionary life and to the escape from modern society, where different people like us join together in places like club or warehouse to have kind of tribal dances to evocate higher state of consciousness and be free of modern restriction.

It's like an ancient Indian tribe that dance around the fire to evoke some spirits, but for nowadays culture. When I do produce and play I always try to deliver a body and mind experience to the dancefloor, where I and them can land in overstating of consciousness.

You developed quickly a vast range of techno forms, always remaining strongly coherent but blurring the lines in the same way. How would you describe your musical landscape?

Thanks for the question. For me, Techno is a vast world with an exploration of many scenes and the fusion of many styles which navigate in a vast range of BPM, let's say from 80 to 200. I have always been attracted to discover why some sub genres born in different cities, different cultures and different periods, and how they developed till nowadays.

The classic Detroit sound, the dub techno in Germany, The Rotterdam Hardcore, The Belgium Trance and Rave, The Uk Happy Hardcore or Birmingham Techno, The Frenchcore, The New Yorker Hardcore, The Italian groovy Techno from Naples or the hardest sound in Rome...

I have got inspiration from some moments of these scenes and others, which I felt like a true expression of Raver life. Any of this scene shaped my sound, I learned from them and brought inside my soul and from that I developed my sound, trying to bring them in a new era where the word RAVE has a strong mean.

I'm the Raver and my landscape is the studying of all the Rave Scenes that merge into my soul for the developing of new Rave Techno sound out of any boundaries and of any prejudices.

Which new hardware did you employ to make the new album? Do you have a particular method while you are working in the studio? Well, this album took 3 years to come to life, and during this time I changed a lot of machines. The 1 All Cops Are Bastard has been made fully in the old Electribe esx2 with the modded tubes, the last one has pad from Yamaha CS 8, both I haven't anymore. There are some tracks are made only digital and some others with the machines I have now TR8S, TB03, Neutron, Model D, SH01 and I have tweaked mixer which I use as a synth, then i make some postproduction with computer to obtain a good mix of all the sounds. On some tracks, I took samples of some hip hop loop voices which is not usual in my method. No, I don’t have a particular method, I always like to change and make something different to get me inspired and with the point of breaking the rules of music and go further. I'm more methodic in the mix and post-production. Why did you name it "A.C.A.B."? What is the essential idea of this release? Any personal situation or is it more social? The Idea behind it was to put legalization of hemp(marijuana) in the world.

Yes, there is a personal situation behind. I started a farm with my girlfriend for growing legal hemp in Italy but anyway cops in the area reacted really bad and still, they treated us as criminals while it was legal. I don’t want to be the social fighter, I like peace and weed and I always stand up for the legalization.

Hemp can save the world and this album is against the people that still want it to be illegal while they making a pleasure to the black market and to the big lobbies of plastic and petrol chemical industries.

Also if I’m hard smoker this is not just about smoke but this plant is just magic and can literally save the world. Till the '60s was legal and it was plastic, food, clothes and now can be fuel, can be houses and many many other things.

This can save forests because you can use it for papers or pellets and it grows in just 6 months instead of trees that take 30 years or more. I don't want to take a long discussion on it but the sense behind is about legalization.


I like how I master the sound at the moment and I feel really energetic and active but for my personal idea, there is always something to learn and to discover. I love to do music and I’m producing almost every day, I have over a hundred demos but I mostly do only vinyl release excepts some rare occasion where I'm doing cd or tapes so it takes time to release all. I like the physical format and I’m almost fetichist of having my music printed :D Producing wise I got a lot of satisfaction, in the last 2 years i have collaborated with artists which were my all-time legends and I don’t want to say the names but will come powerful stuff soon ...

A point where I would like to land is to make some film and/or video games music. I love to spread my music in more places day after day and continue to live my dream as an artist for all my life, That's the most important thing.

What are the forthcoming projects for D. Carbone and your labels?

This month, I will make a more experimental techno Album on Carbone Records which will come out on double CD with eight remixes of new underground techno artists which make a sick sound.

Moreover, I have some Various as Honzo, one on Monolith records and one on Arboretum. We have as well some blasting releases coming soon on REPITCH with strong new artists and as well one split from me and Ascion.

I try to be always active in the scene and deliver new music.

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