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Interview: Alexey Volkov [Linda]

Based across St. Petersburg, Warsaw and Berlin, Alexey Volkov is a multi-faceted Performer, Producer and Event Curator. His hard-edged, industrial-rooted music was noticed by French EBM legend, Terence Fixmer, which landed Volkov on his Planet Rouge imprint. Following a string of well-received works on Fixmer's label, Volkov then made waves with his debut on the Jealous God imprint. In late 2017, news emerged that Volkov will be turning his hand back to event curation with Skalpel 23, committing an uncompromising focus on live artists who devote their output to the originality of subculture.

TF: First of all, can you introduce yourself a bit ? What speech is behind the name? How did you end up making electronic music?

AV: I was hanging out with punks and other subcultural people in early 90s and somehow started to have a passion for electronic music. Sadly most of these people are dead due to drugs habits, some of them were highly educated and open-minded … I was a homeboy in front of them and since I had no money and was often exchanging records. My collection was weird, from pop songs on Ninja Tunes to Metalheads and Disko B. One day "The Application Of Language" EP (Regis) appeared in my friend’s catalog. It Impressed me, It was fucking brave, it didn’t sound like UR jazzy boring stuff at all. I felt the same conflict energy that I felt with my fellows so I got into Downwards, trying to make my own tracks. I was extremely limited in terms of studio tools and do not even want to talk about it. That was naive and silly. Alexey Volkov is my project that appeared spontaneously Without any expectation to be a part of the "underground market". This is not my real name. I took a random and very basic Russian one to underline that it’s not important.

TF: Do you think that an excessive media exposure tends to cause harm to music? Is it more disposable than a few decades ago?

It made people choose a safe business and the whole thing is getting closer to major labels policy when they put you in debt for your entire life and making a cash-cow out of you. In 7-10 years it will be exactly like that. Now it’s just getting closer. AV: I'm not paying for publishing my mixes on mainstream dance music media and I do not use PR tools. I’ve just signed on the new agency that I find reliable.

TF: What is your studio practice like? Can you describe the process of making your work? What new hardwares did you apply to make to new music?

AV: Tools are just tools. The main thing is inside of you and happens spontaneously. From the latest analog gear, I've bought is a vacuum cleaner. And it sounds fat.

TF: Which aspects of sound have you been examining recently? Is the impression that your music produces on the audience important for you? AV: I was experimenting with a new form of EBM/Techno connection after I’ve met Fixmer and did my contribution to bring it back in modern form. Well ... now it is fading away, and I am focused on something new and find it even more exciting. Actually, all that influenced me in all these years combining now into some whole bizarre product which not easy to describe. If I find it brave and innovative, it’s fine then.

TF: What’s your favourite track to play live and why? AV: There is no particular one. Very often a silly loop with bad sequence makes people crazy. Techno club scene is ironically dumb with a few exceptions. TF: My typical question ... any book or movie that you would like to recommend to the public to feed your creative side? AV: The conservative politics of Margareth Thatcher can be ironically inspiring, it made people protest and create but a Painting can be even the most influential object. "The Kolyma Tales" book is the one to read.

TF: Can you tell us more about your next release? Do you have in mind other projects?

AV: Alexey Volkov album double 12" is on the way. Yes, a new project is coming and I'm not the only one in it. TF: Can you tell us about the mix made for The Forgotten? AV: Immediacy and violence. Electronic and instrumental music. My stuff and not my stuff. Mixed and not mixed. TF: Thank you for all!

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