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Interview: Addictionproblem [Mrs Radar Music]

Addictionproblem is a techno and industrial project with noise hints and futuristic vision. He joins Mrs Radar Music to release an otherworldly single entitled ‘Doom Generation’. For the occasion, the experienced Swedish artist was kind enough to answer a few questions.

TF: You live in Stockholm. How does this place influence you as an artist?

AD: Sweden is such a big music nation! It´s easy to meet people who likes music, who likes to talk about music, who themselves make music in some way and who can push you forward in your own music making. That really happened for me. Also Sweden is closer to the North Pole than you might realize! Our winter is very long and dark, we spend a lot of time indoors in general so there is a lot of time to focus on things. For me music is that main thing.

TF: Tell us something about you. What’s your background? Where did you studied and who influenced you to explore musical processes?

AD: I have no background or education in the music field. I remember music being important to me since my first childhood memories. I started to buy records at an early age and did mixtapes on cassettes when I was like…7. My father worked with stereo equipment so we had always a lot of record players and speakers at home. I did have my own small keyboards but the thought of making my own music for real didn’t occur to me until much later in life. I worked at an design agency and as it happened a lot of the designers was also making electronic music. It pushed me to start myself. I always thought you had to have an music education but I realized anybody can just do it if they want. I have attended piano lessons since but other than that I´m self-taught.

TF: What new hardwares did you apply to make 'Doom Generation' EP? Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

AD: In the studio I work mainly digital with computer software, I´ve tried analogue equipment but I feel it´s not for me. I like to work slow, to give the production and the arrangement very much thought. Digital is so much easier to change afterwards while I feel analogue is more instant and direct, not so easy to go back to much later if you want to tweak things. This might be an ironic answer of a self-taught producer but I really don´t have an apparent method in the studio. I don´t want to get caught up in a typical creating process, not have favourite synthesizers or favourite drum samples. I basically start from scratch with every new track I make, creating the tracks in different ways using different methods. It´s time consuming but I still want it that way. The starting point for ”Doom Generation” was an ethnic voice sample from Lebanese artist Fairuz. I wanted some kind of futuristic but retro feeling. When the right mood was found and set in my mind I continued to build on the track. In the end the particular sample had to be replaced because of license issues and the track turned out a bit different than I first had in mind. The original mood was intact though, and I was happy how the process evolved.

TF: What are the forthcoming projects for Addictionproblem?

AD: My debut album will be released in May but I have already started to work on my next album. This time I feel I´m gonna be more into collaborating with other musicians, especially for vocals.

TF: Any movie, documentary, album (not electronic music) that you would like to share with our readers?

AD: ”The Doom Generation” movie by Gregg Araki! (1995). I really like his take about troubled youth in the 90´s. The movie features great music and shocking visuals.

TF: To say goodbye, what can you tell us about the premiere track you publish with us? Any experience during the creative process? Why Vatican Shadow for the remix?

AD: Yes I´m very happy to be featured! The meaning of ”Doom Generation” is not meant to be pessimistic, rather reflect on the lives people live today (which could be seen as pessimistic but not necessarily). At the same time the music mood is not meant for easy listening or as background music. If it succeeds, the music draws your attention in a good way. Vatican Shadow was my first choice for remix of this particular track. The track has obvious middle eastern influences which is something that he has explored a lot, and I guess the track title itself might have made him curious rather than scared, I say that considering his own track titles (not exactly out of children´s books haha). I could totally hear in my head how he would take on the track and remix it. Gladly he accepted! I couldn´t be more happy about his interpretation of ”Doom Generation”.

TF: Thank you!

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