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Interview: Joachim Spieth [Affin]

Actualizado: 15 jul 2020

"Tides" is Joachim Spieth’s second longplayer which will be released on his own Affin imprint. The album is divided into 8 pieces, built by seemingly endless and sensitively interwoven surfaces and creates curves of tension between immersive melancholic and euphoric moments. The layers of atmospheric sounds create a dense and engaging mood that flows into a swirl of emotions. The release will be available as a double 12” and digital download.

TF: Why did you choose this name for your new album? What part of the world was it recorded? How does this influence the creative process?

JS: With this album it was important to me to document the flow in the music. "Tides" was the perfect LP title. The album was composed in Germany. I get inspiration from nature, I often walk in forests and meadows because it widens my mind and leads to a pleasant silence. This corresponds to the title ...

TF: Can you describe from beginning to end how your new 'Tides' album – is made?

JS: The starting point of the album was the idea to present my ambient pieces as a live act. So I started merging pieces from the past few years and new tracks were created. I also produced music for the 20th anniversary of Kompakt's "Pop Ambient" series, and more tracks were also made there ... After a few months I realized that I had finished a completely new album without primarily following the idea of an album ... So I concentrated my work on the album and put the work for the live act back a little ...All of the music was created in seclusion.

TF: What new hardwares and softwares did you apply to make this album. Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

JS: For the entire album, as with "Irradiance", I worked exclusively with Ableton live ... the sounds were layered and yes, a specific way of working has developed over the years to realize this. I work very much with EQs, double tracks and radically modest frequencies, so that I can implement modulations in parts of the sounds. I combine different sounds into a new whole and move and loop until you can see neither the beginning nor the end .. this results in the flow ... that sounds endless.

TF: What is your favorite part about this line of work? Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

JS: There are few requirements that I make myself. the flowing is the most important element. this music is very personal in nature but there is no clear statement of what i want to tell the listeners. everything is in the room of interpretation, and that is exactly what I appreciate about it. let your thoughts flow or just switch off.

TF: Any last words or thoughts for the readers?

JS: Enjoy the music!

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