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Sweden’s Envelope Audio returns with the second instalment in its Mixtape Series, entitled ‘Winter’

Actualizado: 27 nov 2020

Envelope Audio has released music by artists such as Sofi Pousette, Nima Khak, Håkan Lidbo, Fjäder, among others & now presents the second part of his compilation entitled ENAU Mixtape.

"The ENAU mixtape series is another form of expression of Envelope Audio's musical vision, in the form of the mixed tapes that were exchanged between music loving friends in another space and time. The mixtape series is a collection of sounds that together create a journey through atmospheres and textures of emotions, and they each have their own theme" explains the label.

"ENAU Mixtape Vol.2: Winter" includes material from Tora Winter and Swedish techno artist Hans Berg, along with DJ Lily, Swedish compatriot Lioness and American producer Tap Newo and Formika.

Listen exclusively, "Vildvittrornas Anstormning" by DJ Lily.

Release date: November 27th, 2020.

Format: Digital + Streaming.

Buy link, here.

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