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Donato Dozzy debuts on Samurai Music with a 4-track EP

Samurai Music is delighted to welcome Donato Dozzy to its catalogue, with the release of his new EP, titled "The Tao".

Donato needs no introduction, his various releases and proyects render him a master of techno. In repetition and barely noticeable change, Dozzy resculptures perceptions. His sound-design hypnotic grabs the listener, where ferric artefacts slam against percussion, rusty delays filter observation, radiating ambience that etches a natural ebb and flow in the EP.

As expected, ‘The Tao’ is an impressive 170 debut EP that Samurai Music sincerely hope is just the beginning of the Maestro’s work in this tempo.

Listen exclusively, “Sanza High”.

Release date: November 27th, 2020.

Format: Vinyl 12'' + digital files.

Buy link, here.

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