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Depth.Request unveils the second volume of Hostile Responses & Provocations compilation

Through the recent post punk, noise and industrial revival, London label Depth.Request have found their own path. Delivering a slice of past, present and future.

"Aimed at showcasing more contemporary luminaries with industrial post-techno inclinations through its own channels, England-hailing Depth.Request records presents a second installment in its tumultuous Hostile Responses & Provocations series. The digital release, in vain of previous episode, offers six cuts that vary from contemplative, ritualistic explorations to direct-drive, four-to-the-floor juggernauts, forged by different artists spread across European continent who showcase distinctly separate approach towards production and are mostly new to the label" said the label.

This second volumen, a six-track compilation EP. With a focus on slower tempos and post-apocalyptic sounds, it includes music by ZAGAM, Metalogue, Swarm Intelligence, Second Spectre, Rommek and Nigh/T\mare .

Release date: April 28th, 2021

Format: digital.

Buy link, here.

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