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Dahraxt, Kucera, Patrick DSP and more appear on JTseries's new "Hunted Dryads" compilation

The new collection, features six tracks from almost every regular artist on the label, including names like Szymon Z, Dahraxt vs Rell, Charlton, Patrick DSP, Kucera and Burden.

"Hunted Dryads"marks the final release of 2020 for the Berlin label, which put out EPs from Lucretio & Francesco Devincenti, Marieu & Mannella and the "Opposite Equipoise" compilation this year.

This new EP is inspired by the ancient story of Dryads, which have been brutally thrown out of their dwelling but whose spirit has not yet been broken.

Listen to "Orpheus' Battle" by Dahraxt vs Rell.

Release date: December 21th, 2020

Format: Digital.

Buy link, here.

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