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Ćyan ID debuts on Sarin X-IMG's label

Introducing Ćyan ID; the techno project of young Georgian Producer and DJ Giorgi Bekurashvili. The project was established last year and draws from a wide array of influences and ideas absorbed through his formative years operating within the ever expanding and eclectic Tbilisi techno scene. His debut release on X-IMG.“Blurred Revelation” EP can be described as an emotive and hypnotic blend of influences fusing elements from body music, post-punk, rave and aggravated techno. Mournful melodies weave within the pulsating rhythms creating a fresh contrast of emotion against his destructive drum programming.

The artist saw his first release late last year on RAW’s "Compilation II: Second Breath" alongside notable producers such as Crystal Geometry, Inhalt Der Nacht, Echoes Of October, Blind Delon, IV Horsemen, Ayarcana, Peryl and more. This was followed up by another V/A contribution for Scuderia Records as well as a contribution to OBSCURE UNFOUND.

Digital release: December 4th, tapes begin shipping end of December early January.

Listen exclusively, “Sharp Conflict".

Release date: December 04th, 2020.

Format: Tapes + Digital.

Buy link, here.

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