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Crystal Geometry, Pablo Bozzi , Autumns, & more on Grey Area 5 years compilation

Grey Area will release a 9-track compilation album curated by the label head to celebrate the 5th anniversary. The record will be available as a cassette pack and digital formats on December 04th.

The range of sound draws from the sonic aesthetics of the roster, from Electronic Post-Punk, EBM, Electro Industrial and Italo Body Music on the A side, to Industrial Techno, Noise and Rave cuts on the B side. Featuring music from long time collaborators and new artists that have been releasing on the imprint: y Autumns, Crystal Geometry, Filmmaker,

IV Horsemen, Pablo Bozzi, Luna Vassarotti, Oliver, Operant, Verset Zero and War Scenes.

100% of profits from sales of the release will be donated, split equally between two organisations:

The Bail Project, NYC based non-profit organisation combating mass incarceration in the US through providing bail for those who are in need and awaiting trial and RAICES, San Antonio based non-profit organisation providing free and low cost legal representation for immigrants and refugees at the US' Southern border.

Listen exclusively, “Crawling Chaos” by Crystal Geometry.

Release date: December 04th, 2020.

Format: Cassette + Digital formats.

Buy link, here.

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