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Area Z Records announces volume 2 of its "Uncanny Valleys" compilation series

Area Z releases ‘Uncanny Valleys Vol. 2’, a 10-track album. It compilation series is related to the theory introduced by japanese robotitian Mori Masahiro back in 1970, referring to the paradoxical perception of the existing similarities between robots and human beings.

"This second opus focuses on ‘Industrial’ music through a variety of genres and interpretations of the genres aesthetics. Opening with an infused four to the floor selection cut with a slice of power ambient, the compilation evolves into a rawer shape, with industrial, noise that embraces either nihilistic or romantic intentions"explains the label.

From December 3th, you can catch the release with music from Ah Cama-Sotz, 3.14, Hüma Utku, Operat, Harsh Mentor + Templer, MDS51, Huren, RAUM and Somaticae

Listen exclusively, "Premonition" by Ah Cama-Sotz .

Format: Digital + Poster print

Release date: December 03th, 2020

Buy link, here.

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