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Arcing Seas releases compilation to raise fund for Vurt Club

Vurt was founded in 2014 and its fame was created by being a series of parties in one of the alleys near Seoul's Hapjeong Station.

Now, the brand expands it's spectrum with their debut as a label and mastering studio. These three disciplines go hand in hand and form their vision as a creative collective, creating, elaborating and sharing the passion that drives them.

After the bitter support of the Soul government, and the events canceled due to the pandemic, Vurt had to find a way to overcome this financial crisis that has put many people in a difficult situation.

The Arcing Seas label, founded by Cassegrain members, has decided to support the club alongside a heavy artillery of artists who have performed at the club in the past few months.

"This is a collection of artists who have played at vurt, and its extended family. We have gathered 28 tracks spanning the full spectrum of leftfield, underground techno and experimental electronics, from figure-heads of the scene, to bright new talents, including many South Korean Producers", explains the label.

"In_vurt Fundraiser" is out now today on digital format. Includes tracks by Peter Van Hoesen, Cio D'or, Iori, Answer Code Request, Luigi Tozzi, Evigt Mörker and many more.


1. Answer Code Request - No Comply 180

2. Artefakt - Solstice

3. Blazej Malinowski - Continuum

4. BNJMN - Overstated

5. Cio D’Or - Permanent Key

6. Claudio PRC - Daenamu

7. Desroi - False Front

8. Emily Jeanne - Hàn Ly

9. Ena - Water Vapor

10. Evigt Mörker - Smardis

11. Fred Mann - Dunce

12. Hakan Çepni - Allocer

13. Inland - Mapo-Gu

14. IORI - Nocturnal

15. Jamaica Suk - Oceanscape

16. Einox - Klein

17. Luigi Tozzi - Dry Your Eye

18. Magna Pia - KKumvurt

19. Marco Shuttle - Nephertiti

20. Peter Van Hoesen - Further Movements Into Unknown Territories

21. Positive Centre - OmniVurt (Told You Twice)

22. Refracted - Chingu

23. Rhyw - Veering

24. Scøpe - Breath

25. Takaaki Itoh - Facilitator

26. Unjin - 6AM and Eternal

27. Xanexx - Hyper Sensitive

28. Yóhan - Your Meditation

Meanwhile, you can stream extracts of album, below.

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