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Anechoic announces his full album on Diffuse Reality, titled "Temporal Light Artefacts"

Anechoic has a new album on the way via Diffuse Reality.

In recent years, the young producer has become a key artist in Paris's vital leftfield scene, with releases on the likes of Konsequent Records, Solemne Records and Intersum.

With "Temporal Light Artefacts", the artist revealed his first album as an imprint project of past several months of sound research and discovery in the area of massless particles, relativity theory, energy, electromagnetic spectrum, with a special attention given to the transmission of signals between planetary systems (Interstellar Communication). A mix 9-track of techno with noticeable sci-fi and ambient influences.

The album can be found available from December 28th in CD format and digital files.

Listen exclusively to "Particle Trajectories Under Constant Acceleration".

Release date: December 28th, 2020.

Format: CD + Digital.

Buy link, here.

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