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Acid Boiler Coalition announces its second LP, titled "Quarantena Acida"

Acid Boiler Coalition's imprint is releasing a new compilation.

The eight tracks on "Quarantena Acida" the label's next generation, including Lady Maru, Stefano Rocchi, Ayako Mori, Jackpoint Zeroes, Gigi Galli, Michele Papa, The Mighty Raptus and Gigi Galli. Founded in 2020, Acid Boiler Coalition's roster boasts releases from influential acid techno and industrial. The compilation is out now on vinyl and digital formats.

"Mostly written by Italian artists, for whom the lockdown has been really hard ... the whole digital release contains 8 tracks, but just 6 of them are on vinyl. Some of the 8 tracks are more classic acid techno, others more noise and industrial, some totally experimental", explains the label.

Listen exclusively to "Disastro Mentale" by Sboyz.

Format: Vinyl 12'' + Digital.

Release date: December 21th, 2020.

Buy link, here.

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