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Interview: DJ Emerson [micro.fon] - GER

TF: Talking about technique, you often insist on the vivid sound permitted by machines, and a rougher, direct process in studio. But your style may let us think that you have tons of old records ready to infuse in your work, and not limited to influences. Do you use samples ? By the way, what music influenced your early musical landscapes?

EM: Of course I love to work with samples and I do but not as much as back in the days of course mostly I work with original sounds nowadays but I still find it inspiring to dig for samples and work them. Early music that influenced my was Hip Hop, EBM & Drum & Bass.

TF: What are, according to you, the artists that make the most interesting work today in this way? Globally, who influences you the most nowadays?

EM: I dont really get inspired by other artists that produce the same genre like myself but right now I find Petter B interesting and my friend Thomas Hoffknecht, of course ...

TF: Can you tell us about your influences? What do you try to reproduce during a studio session?

EM: I don't try to reproduce something I already heard. I did that when I started working as a producer. nowadays I want to create something new and somehow bring the track that is in my head out to the people.

TF: You usually do DJ sets, but what about a live approach? Do you plan to work more on this aspect in the near future?

EM: No I started working as a dj because I love to play long sets and live acts limit you so much to your own music that i find it somehow difficult.

TF: Your label, Micro:fon, is now built on a strong catalogue with very intriguing releases. What was the initial project ? Can you tell us more about what to expect on the imprint?

EM: Micro.fon was developed as a side label to kiddaz.fm with a more minimal and technoid sound. Right now we just released my EP with Deraout, then we have a release by swiss newcomer Christine Benz where I contributed a remix, this girl is really someone to lookout for production-wise, then we have an impressing EP by Marla Singer in the pipeline and an solo EP by myself and two artist albums one by Nematic and the other one by Thomas Hoffknecht (open your eyes).

TF: What new hardwares did you apply to make new EP with Deraout? Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

EM: Well, we were jamming around with different synths and a TB 03 and we used an old analog mixing console by Tascam and some vintage compressors and EQS.

TF: Why can you tell me about the remixes? Why did you choose to Mark Broom and Andre Crom?

EM: I love the work of these two guys for a long time already and Andre just joined our district for booking agency and it was obvious we wanted to work together. Mark is such a strong figure in underground techno I am basically following him and buying his productions since day one.

TF: Any book or movie that you would like to recommend to the public to feed your creative side?

EM: Yeah, well Defiant Ones was an inspiring Netflix series and I am reading a book called 'Mixing with your mind' which explains a different approach to mixing music ...

TF: Can you tell us more about both your future projects?

EM: My EP for Dolma has just been released as well as the 'Murder Was The Haze' EP and I also finished my new solo micro.fon EP called 'Rolling' as I already mentioned. Then I am working on some different breakbeat music again after a long time and I am always looking out for interesting new artists to feature on micro.fon and the attached podcast series.

TF: Thank you Emerson!

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