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Interview: Charlton [Poverty Is Violence, MORD Records] - NL

Charlton was born in 1982 in Rotterdam (Netherlands). At the age of 17. He began chasing the early rave parties which were happening all over Holland and around 1999 his love for electronic music turned into an obsession and he started DJing. It was around this time that Charlton first came face to face with techno.

He started producing and building up his unique sound in 2001. Boosted by the Electronic Music Productions study he took at one of Holland’s best known music production colleges, he started putting his work together for his first live PA, which debuted in 2004.

Moving to London gave Charlton New experience and a clearer point of view to understand the essence of techno music. Charlton’s tracks have been released on labels such as, Audio Assault, Arms, Labrynth, Aftertaste Pohjola, Krill music and Mord Records.

TF: What was the turning point in your life, where you have decided to fully delve into electronic music?

CH: Well I started to listen to electronic music when I was about 17 years old and got hooked on it back then started to dig in recordstore and also go to nice illegal raves that were around back then so that how I got into it to be fair.

TF: Please tell us about your musical influences? Give us a chart, please

CH: I can not really give an answer as I listen to so much different music if you know what I mean.

TF: Does Charlton has some rituals before start producing?

CH: Well I got one ritual and that smoking! elevate the mind.

TF: Can we talk about the hardware? What is the first synthesizer you have ever played? Do you have your favourite instruments or devices?

CH: Well I think that it's not important what hardware you have or use you can get really far with a computer but the first piece of hardware i have used is Roland MC 303, I don't really have any favourite machines to be fair as I use both hardware and software.

TF: You have a vision of how technology will continue to influence art and music?

CH: Well it plays a big part of course and I hope it would push forward not backwards.

TF: Tell us about your alias Tapirus What makes it different of Charlton?

CH: I guess it's more ode to Chicago and Detroit Music and weird acid stuff.

TF: How do you see the future of the techno scene?

CH: I can not give answer to this hope people will be creative with there productions and sound original.

TF: Could you tell us a bit more about your future projects?

CH: Well as you guys maybe know I co-own Poverty Is Violence and I do this with Nick Dunton aka 65D Mavericks so you can expect a lot from us on that front and a release on Mord Records from me.

TF: What inspired you to select the tracklist? Tell us about this vinyl session?

CH: It's random selection of tracks that are old and new, as when I make mixes I don't really plan, I go with the flow: As I like it more than I planned out set. Hope you enjoy my selection, enjoy yourselves...

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