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Interview: Sciahri [Sublunar, Black Opal] - IT

What is your purpose con Sciahri? What do you want to create now, what perspectives do you want to explore?

I try always to make something different from what I've done previously and I never set any any specific limit and maybe it's for this reason that some of my records are really different, but I believe that most of it depends on my state of mind when I'm making things. I really like electronic music in all of its shades and this probably influences the fact the there is such a diversity in my output.

Do you have a particular method while working in the studio?

I’m a modular addicted and lately I’ve been recording jams with my system, then I cut out the most interesting parts and then I work with those, trying to enhance and build this material into some kind of narrative. I prefer to work with this technique rather than having the elements already laid out before the recording stage. Mostly because I can work more in depth on the details of the sounds. The elements are chosen by paying attention to how I feel about them.

By the way, how would you describe your musical landscape?

I try to create worlds and environments that are abstract yet solid and physical, full of vividly distinguishable details, with the narrative that develops over the course of the track. I put a lot of different elements inside my productions exploring different areas of the frequency spectrum.

Can you tell us more about your Sublunar? What were the goals of the label when you created it?

Since for a few years now I've had the idea to start my own label where I could express myself freely and propose my idea of music and work on this with friends. All of this became possible in a very natural way with my friend Francesco (Dagdrom), I have a big respect for him as a DJ and for what concerns music. Our idea is to collaborate with the artist and to make him part of the project in a way that goes beyond the simple act of releasing a record. We are going to involve other artists in the future, this will definitely happen from the second half of the year, for which we have scheduled several releases including two Eps of new talents. It is also our intention to propose other releases in the form of trilogy.

“Devotion Trilogy” is eclectic more moments dark and deep, dwelling in various styles and atmospheres. Could you tell us more about this trilogy?

With this trilogy I want to express a part of me that I haven't shown before, a slightly darker and harder one. Each record is independent but also completely related to the others so they made perfect sense to us in this format, in fact they create a sequence that can be explained in three different phases: the beginning/departure, the journey, and the arrival. We wanted the listener to experienced these three phases. The more you go further, the more sounds become surreal and direct. These records also set the point of departure of this musical project that will focuses on deep and textural techno with releases that will range from club effective productions as well as more experimental excursions.

Your today quality inspiration chart?

I've many insipirations besides music, one of them is photography in its entirety.

Premiere: Sciahri - Anathema [Sublunar Records]

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